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Movies & Shows

  • Coherence is a mind-bending sci-fi movie–my favorite movie. Even though the “special effects” consist of glow sticks, it’s extremely well done. I recommend you not Google it first since it’s easily spoiled. Disclaimer: this is a thinking movie.
  • Again on Netflix, the shows Travels with my Father (a British comedian who goes traveling with his curmudgeonly father) and The Fix (a panel show where comedians “solve” world problems) are fantastic.


  • Lali Puna is a German electropop band based in Munich. I never get tired of hearing them.
  • The New Pornographers is a fun Canadian band. The hilarious video has David Cross in it!
  • Yelle is a fun, surreal French artist. Even though my French isn’t great, I can tell the lyrics are smart and her melodies wend their way into your brain.
  • Stromae is a Belgian artist who sings in French. His melodies and the topics he sings about are excellent.


  • I find myself often retweeting @qikipedia, from a British trivia show. Lots of fun facts! Also check out @SkypeScientist, which features scientists that call into classrooms to share their ideas.

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